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Hi there, I’m Arya

I am a recent mechanical engineer graduate seeking for a challenging role in the industry and academia. My career focus in particular is the vehicular systems and control, in which my personal interest overlaps with my professional background. That said, I am rather big on keeping my career options open for various other fields. I am based on Delft, the Netherlands, and until a few months ago I actually lived in Aachen, Germany. I’m neither a Dutch nor a German though, my hometown (Jakarta, Indonesia) is on the other side of the globe. As one of the internationals, I know first-hand that both cities and the people are awesome!

What I’ve Learned

I have done my master study at Delft University of Technology, but spent most of the second year at RWTH Aachen University for my master thesis. Previously I earned my bachelor degree at Universitas Indonesia. My master degree specialization is Systems and Control, concentrating at the application of control in automotive systems, such as Filtering for Vehicle Perception and Optimal Control for Advanced Driving Assists. In addition, I also have a pretty solid basic knowledge of manufacturing automation and product design from my bachelor years.

Experience & Past Projects

I have participated as a research assistant in a national-level manufacturing-related research project and worked shortly as a product engineer at Toyota Indonesia. I am a pretty hands-on person: I’m learning by doing and keen on exploring theory in practice. You would find that most of my past works are rather application-oriented, but I also strive to yield scientifically rigorous works: some of them are peer-reviewed and can be found in periodic publication. I also have a good command at Engineering software packages (like MATLAB and SolidWorks) due to the nature of my previous study and working requirement. You might want to check the Resumé and Portfolios pages to gain more insight of my past experiences and achievement.

How to Reach Me

E-mail is the fastest way to keep in touch with me. The Contact page will guide you through the process. Alternatively, you can also find me on:

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